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Cyber Security

Other Cybersecurity Companies in SoCal Can't Compare

Mitigating your company’s risk of a cyber-attack is paramount for any IT department. Ransomware and phishing attacks continue to rise each year and without a solid plan in place, it is only a matter of time before your business becomes a target. With attacks costing businesses extraordinary amounts per year, time is of the essence when it comes to putting a plan together and training your employees on these predatory efforts.

Cyber threats are growing at an alarming rate. Because the consequences of a breach are so severe, securing your resources has to be a top priority. But, the reality is that you have a business to run and you can’t address these threats alone.

A big part of what makes Syno Force unique is our comprehensive and customizable Security-as-a-Solution offering. We cover all of the bases: breach detection and prevention, encryption, network security, content filtering, and a lot more.

And because IT road-mapping is part of the package, our clients understand the effort, timeline, and costs associated with achieving every security goal.

When you work with Syno Force, you’re leveraging our cutting-edge tools, industry-leading expertise, and decades long track record of success. So, what you are you waiting for? Let’s partner up to secure what you’ve worked so hard to build.

What Cybersecurity services can we offer you?

We’re not saying we’ve seen it all, but we have seen a lot. Cybersecurity is our business, and we make technology work for your organization to keep you safe from threats:

Antivirus And Antimalware

We use state of the art, AI enhanced antivirus software to protect your workstations, laptops, smartphones and tablets from nasty viruses , trojans, spyware, worms and malware.

Security Awareness Training

When successful cyberattacks are analyzed, they often have one thing in common – some user, somewhere, did something that could have been avoided. Even with today’s most advanced protection, organizations remain vulnerable because of one key factor: human error.

Business Continuity Plan

Our business continuity plan outlines procedures and instructions an organization must follow in the face of disaster, whether fire, flood or cyberattack.

Managed Security

Elite cyber threat intelligence combined with security expertise protects devices and data and provides continuous security monitoring and operational administration of managed devices to safeguard investments and meet compliance regulations.

Email Security

With our email security solution, we protect our clients from malware, phishing and social engineering.

Dark Web Scanning

When companies suffer a data breach, where does all the leaked data go? Often, it ends up on the dark web. We will continuously monitor the dark web for your information.

Web Filtering

With Web Filtering, we can control which sites are allowed. We can block sites according your corporate policy, for example, gambling, shopping or any other category of websites.

Spam Filtering

Receiving much spam email? We can help. We will filter your email, scan for viruses, check for phishing and social engineering and make your inbox much safer for your users.

Breach Detection

We use our monitoring tools to ensure there is no abnormal activity on your network. This keeps business productivity at its peak, ensuring no risk of financial loss due to network intrusion.

Popular Technology Solutions

We’re not saying we’ve seen it all, but we have seen a lot. IT solutions are our business. Here is what we bring to the table:

Managed IT Services

Expand your technical resources without breaking your budget with our full stack of remote and on-site IT support.

Cyber Security

Put your mind at ease with advanced threat detection, risk prevention and a solid data recovery plan.

Backup & Recovery

Keep your proprietary business data safe with fully manged backups and a business continuity plan in case of disaster.

Cloud Solutions

Streamline business processes, simplify team communications and demystify file sharing with productive cloud services.

IT Consulting

Use the expertise and deep tech background of the best minds at Syno Force to create a comprehensive IT strategy.

VoIP Phone Solutions

Our state-of-the-art data centers provide the best hosting environment for your phone system with always-on reliability.